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Interesting Facts

There are over 2.8 million parking tickets issued a year in Toronto alone. If only 1% of people requested a court date to fight their ticket that would result in 28,000 court dates. That would translate to 108 court dates per day. This calculation does not take into account holidays or other traffic tickets. It is the belief of Court Agency that a HUGE majority of these tickets will never have their day in court and therefore be dismissed.

Don’t forget that if you have received a court date in the mail. Contact Court Agency if you would like a Professional Paralegal from our network of trusted Paralegals to act on your behalf in a Provincial Court of Law. There are many legal tools at their disposal to help you minimize the impact of your offence on your daily life.

Don’t let yourself be a source of Government Income: Pressure on Toronto Police officers given quota to write 25 tickets a day! Don’t let yourself be an easy source of income.

Ticketing in the News

Hospitals and institutions attract more than their share of Toronto’s parking tickets, city data shows.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre’s Bayview site was the leading location for tickets written in 2010, with 13,240 tickets, or about 36 a day.

The immediate area around Toronto East General Hospital has four spots where more than 500 tickets were written last year. The area around St. Joseph’s Hospital has nine. There are also ticket hot spots near North York General Hospital, Toronto Western, St. Michael’s and Scarborough Grace. Of the top 50 locations where tickets were written last year, nine are near hospitals.

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