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Our History

We founded Court Agency with the desire to simplify the government created policies and procedures of defending your rights in the Ontario Provincial Court system. Court Agency is founded on the principles of value. Court Agency values your time, money and, most importantly your rights. Our website, CourtAgency.ca, is designed to make requesting a court date for a parking ticket, speeding ticket, or any traffic ticket simple and efficient.

The services provided by Courtagency.ca will save you time and money. At Court Agency, we work with a trusted network of full service paralegals. If you receive your court date in the mail you can have a licensed paralegal from our network of trusted paralegals defend you in court. We help make the process of booking your court date to defending you in a Provincial Court of Law painless. Courtagency.ca is a company that values what is important to you, your time and your money.

Why Us?

Have you ever asked “how can I book a court date online?” We have the answer, at Court Agency we can request your court date for you in the GTA. Paul Reeves developed Court Agency because he believes this service would be beneficial for Drivers across the Great Toronto Area (GTA). When you take advantage of any of our services on CourtAgency.ca you can be confident that they will be executed with the level of professionalism that Paul Reeves would expect himself. Never let the inconvenience of the court system hold you back from defending your rights again! CourtAgency.ca is your one stop shop for all of your traffic ticket needs. Unlike other companies, we break our products into separate parts. If you do not need legal representation on the date of your trial you can have us file your ticket for a court date. This is convenient as you do not have to take time off work, wait in long lines, and pay for parking.

Simply our goal at CourtAgency.ca is to save your time and money for what is important to you.